Towing Guide

Towing your new RV is simple once you’ve been educated about the components you need. Because towing packages from vehicle manufacturers & aftermarket installations vary quite widely, it’s vital to know your equipment! This page will outline & explain all the components you’ll need to get your new trailer to the RV park safely. Bay RV wants to be your dealership for life: that’s why we have a full service department staffed with experts who can install all necessary towing equipment for you.

On this page, you will find a couple videos we’ve found to explain the topics clearly and exactly. You’ll also find the towing guides from TrailerLife’s website. Just click on the year of your tow vehicle and find your manufacturer & model. The guide will tell you exactly how much weight your vehicle can tow safely. You’ll need to know the maximum weight your vehicle can tow before you buy a trailer. It’s never a good idea to tow anything that’s too heavy for your vehicle, so knowing your weight limitations will help you in choosing your next trailer.

When you come to Bay RV, our knowledgeable sales staff will ask you what kind of tow vehicle you have so they can look up your weight limitations. If you already know it, just let them know so they can help you find the perfect unit for your next trip!